pointWORLD 2007

Extend your knowledge of the world by playing pointWORLD!

Get the key information about all countries of the world in an instant!

pointWORLD is not only an advanced knowledge database for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, it's also great edutainment for you and your kids! It offers nearly unlimited possibilities to test your knowledge about flags, capitals, areas and biggest cities of the world. Every quiz is generated out of hundreds of thousands possible questions.

  • position of every country displayed in the world map
  • position of all the cities of the world with more than 1 million population
  • national flags of every country
  • capitals
  • total area
  • total population
  • life expectancy
  • international area code
  • internet country code
  • German country name
  • French country name
  • actual position of the sun
  • time and date of the biggest cities worldwide
  • the daylight saving time for every country is integrated
  • gross domestic product

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